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The unforgettable memoir of  the Charman family

The story of Christopher Charman, his idyllic childhood with his sister Danae, his remarkable and talented parents Tom and Margaret, and how the Godshill Pottery became part of the lives of so many visitors to the New Forest. 

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Delighted to be back... and just before Christmas! Last minute pressies - all our fascinating books are here...

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Sonia Aarons-Green



Welcome back!  We have arrived and are at last settling into our new home on the Cranborne Chase with, of course, a view towards the New Forest!


For those of you who don't know me, I've been a freelance writer and journalist for over 40 years and set up Millersford Press, based in the inspirational New Forest, in 2008. 


I've worked in editorial, on newspapers and magazines, in corporate environments and publishing houses. The subjects have been diverse - from cars to security, from the technical to arts and crafts, from  people to electronics.  I've found it all fascinating!

Whether it is writing, editing or publishing, either your words or mine, that's what I love to do.  

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