Take Three Ponies by

Christopher Charman

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Escape on horseback!


Christopher Charman's

Take Three Ponies

Take Three Ponies Christopher Charman new book

In 1958, Christopher Charman and his wife to be Kate planned a pony trek from the New Forest to Wales.

It was an unusual journey with three beloved ponies, Joey, Stormy and Starlight.


Take Three Ponies emphasises the joy of discovering the country in which you live and taking the time to absorb all it has to offer.

Millersford Press - Sonia Aarons-Green

Sonia Aarons-Green


Hi, I've been a freelance writer and journalist for over 40 years and set up Millersford Press, based in the inspirational New Forest, in 2008. 


I've worked in editorial, on newspapers and magazines, in corporate environments and publishing houses. The subjects have been diverse - from cars to security, from the technical to arts and crafts, from  people to electronics.  I've found it all fascinating!

Whether it is writing, editing or publishing, either your words or mine, that's what I love to do.  Our other passions feature here too - art, vintage and antiquarian books and of course, the many aspects of the New Forest.

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