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Take Three Ponies Christopher Charman book on pony trek from New Forest to Wales

Take Three Ponies | Christopher Charman


In 1958, the 25-year old Christopher Charman and his wife-to-be Kate Duthie set out on a pony trek from Godshill in the New Forest to Wales.


With their three ponies, Stormy, Joey and Starlight, they travelled 500 miles on horseback with two tents and a good deal of resilience!


Their journey, inspired by a book published in 1936, Bridle Paths, was mentioned in Chris's first book In the Spirit of Godshill, so by popular demand, here it is. 


See our blog here for more photos...


Paperback. 96 pages

ISBN13: 9780957273665.

35 colour and black and white illustrations.

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