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A tribute to Danae Stammers

Danae Stammers (6 November 1935 - 7 August 2022)

It is with great sadness we have to report that Danae Stammers, (formerly Harris and Charman) passed away on Sunday, 7 August 2022, aged 86 after a short illness.

Danae Stammers visiting Millersford Press in May 2021 via electric tricycle accompanied by Mitzi...
Danae with Mitzi and electric tricycle visiting us in May 2021

Danae, with her husband Peter, first brought us the text for her brother Christopher’s book In the Spirit of Godshill in the summer of 2018 and in the last four years has continued to help us record the memoirs of her family at Godshill Pottery in the New Forest. Importantly, she also ensured the preservation of the extraordinary work of her father, both his artwork and the collection of wooden carvings which will be available for all to enjoy at the New Forest Heritage Centre in Lyndhurst.

Cycling Tales publication in May 2021 - the Charman's and Stammers
Danae (second left) with her brother Christopher Charman (seated), his wife Kate and Danae's husband Peter, on the publication of the book Cycling Tales in May 2021

Danae was always an indomitable, brave and undeterred figure, accurately portrayed in her brother’s writings (In the Spirit of Godshill, Cycling Tales), and this year we persuaded her to write her own story of her experiences in Australia and her early life bringing up her three daughters. In June we published the result, Braving the Outback, and she was able to enjoy the very positive and often surprised feedback from her friends and family.

With the family’s consent and as a tribute to Danae we are now making copies of the book available via our website, where you can also find Cycling Tales and In the Spirit of Godshill.

On a personal note, I realise just how much of a motivation Danae has been to me, not just to work with, as we have known the Charman family for many years, but in her approach to living a good, healthy and full life. We have much to learn from our friendships and I know the qualities I have come to know and admire in this strong and determined woman will remain with me always. Thank you, Danae.

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