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Paying tribute: Kate and Chris Charman of Godshill Pottery

The late Chris and Kate Charman of Godshill Pottery

We are deeply saddened to tell you of the recent passings of both Chris and Kate Charman of Godshill Pottery in the New Forest. The loss of Kate in January 2023 and of Chris in the April, has brought an ethos and a mindful way of life to a close but has left special memories which will be cherished forever. This extraordinary couple touched the lives of many, visitors and residents, for over sixty years. This short film is posted in tribute to their warmth, their talent and the profound impression they made on so many.

A moving and harmonious celebration of their lives, held on The Ridge, Godshill on the afternoon of 30 April 2023, brought many, many friends and relatives together, reuniting them in the true spirit of Godshill tradition.

This beautiful video was made in 2015 by Lucy Samuel and Suzie Sherlock, former Bournemouth University students. Many thanks to them for recording it in the first place and for their permission to show it here.


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