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All climbs end at the top...

So said Christopher Charman as he wrote optimistically about the demands of cycling in the Slovakian Tatra National Park in 2002. Cycling Tales, Christopher’s account of his more exotic cycling experiences, has just been published and is available to order here. Travel with him to Virginia, Latvia and Lithuania, Costa Rica, Nepal, Slovakia and, closer to home but equally challenging, to The Hebrides.

Once again, Chris’s writing takes us on his personal journey, this time with wife Kate, his sister Danae and her husband Peter. At the turn of the millennium, all were in their sixties and early seventies and had been cycling avidly in France with the help of the Cyclists Touring Club (CTC, now known as Cycling UK). But this was different - there were extremes of heat, cold, mountainous terrain, fatigue and the new experience for Chris of ‘cycling in a clump’ as he put it.

Looking out over the Himalayas in 2003.

We may not be able to visit all these amazing locations right now but what a treat to enjoy Chris's downhill swoops and mountaineering on two wheels, along with a real insight into the countries visited by the intrepid foursome. Enjoy their journeys...


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