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Tired of cooking?

Just been thinking about all the cooking I’ve been doing throughout lockdown and how it was getting just the tiny bit wearing. Not sure I’m brave enough yet to return to regular eating out so this little book entitled Instant Recipes for the tired cook from our vintage collection, seemed a very appropriate lifesaver and worth dipping into.

With recipes contributed by the Distressed Gentlefolks Aid Association, the book dates back to the early 1980s when some of us were bright young things with frantic social lives, not quite the same as suffering from lockdown lethargy. As the remarkable cook and explorer Marika Hanbury Tenison (1938-1982), who learned cooking ‘mainly by trial and error’ says in her foreword, the book is for those ‘moments when one longs for a bit of instant magic in the kitchen…’

Here’s the cover and example recipes for your entertainment.

As well as the vintage books featured on our website you can find more Millersford books at our store on Abebooks, an eclectic range from cookery, history, rural life, motoring, horse-racing, hunting and gypsies.


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