Been thinking how important it is to remember, especially in lockdown. In 2018 we travelled to India, Nagaland and Burma (Myanmar) tracing husband Anthony's father's footsteps in the Royal Artillery in WW2. It was a huge opportunity - and so glad we decided to go then as it would have been on hold now - and we would have been that much older...

With Remembrance Day this month at last recognising the sacrifice of those who served in the Far East here is a reminder of those lost in the horrific battle of Kohima in Nagaland, Northern India - one that was conducted on the tennis court of the Deputy Commissioner's hillside bungalow. It was here the Japanese advance was halted in April 1944 and where 1,420 servicemen of the Commonwealth are buried. Lest we forget...

The contribution of the extraordinary Naga people in this conflict is honoured by the work of the Kohima Educational Trust which supports the children of Nagaland.


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