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New Home for White Buck

Originally installed at a factory in Hythe, near Southampton, this 7ft x 11ft bas-relief in Carrara marble has been re-sited in the New Forest, at Godshill.

It was commissioned in 1958 and relates to the story of 'Red Rufus', William II, who was killed by an arrow in 1100 by Walter Tyrell.

(For the full story see below)

Dean Austin of King Lifting supervises the lift from the original site of the White Buck using a 40-tonne crane on 2nd December 2015

Sven Berlin's  White Buck installed at Godshill in the New Forest with the help of Crown Fine Art, King Lifting and Haines Construction.  

Pictured from left: Michael Festenstein (Crown), Anthony Green, sculpture conservator Michael Eastham, Geoff Bond (Haines), Robin Hemensley (Crown) and Colin Middleton (Haines).


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