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VE and VJ Day Thoughts

We need to remember that VJ Day did not happen until 15 August 1945.

Remembering those who fought in Burma in WW2


There are very few left who fought in India, Nagaland (Kohima/Imphal) and Burma during WW2 and it would have been easy to focus only on VE Day.

We were delighted to see the recognition finally given to those who served in the Burma Campaign.  

David Green

pays tribute to them all... and especially to Anthony Green's father David (above) .

Of course Burma Veteran Captain Sir Tom Moore, in his personal campaign for the NHS leading up to his 100th birthday, had succeeded in bringing these brave men to our notice almost single-handed.  What a wonderful gentleman - he has won our hearts... 

The other extraordinary Burma related event is the recent showings of the film Harry Birrell Presents which has also painted a portrait of the challenges and terrain the troops would have faced.


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