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Contrasts: snippets from a review

Thrilled to receive a delightful review of my book Rod Hague Contrasts from writer and poet John Paddy Browne. JPB's in-depth and observant comments highlight Rod's extraordinary artwork, the faithful rendition of Robert Belbin's archive of Rod's images by our excellent printers and even my own accompanying words! Here's just a few snippets from John's review...

'...small but perfectly-realised book...'

'a vibrant book that captures Mr Hague's eclectic range of subject matter...'

'The bold pen-and-ink drawing of the interior of his pigeon loft, is pure 1960s.'

'The text of the book, at first glance, looks like a long free-verse poem, but it is a simple device for carrying the story of Rod Hague through his interesting and creative life.'

Rod Hague Contrasts is available from this website and also from Fisherton Mill in Salisbury and Fordingbridge Bookshop.


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