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Artists past and present...

If I ever moved away from the New Forest I would make sure I had a painting by Frederick Golden Short on my wall. And one by Barry Peckham ... and one by Peter Frost! If you would like to know why, make sure you catch the last week of the exhibition New Forest Art, the Past and the Present, at the New Forest Heritage Centre which features all three.

Artists Peter Frost and Barry Peckham. A New Forest project.
Artists Peter Frost and Barry Peckham revisit New Forest paintings of the past.

The exhibition is the result of Barry and Peter's lockdown year (plus!) searching for the places the wonderful Golden Short and others painted and how the New Forest has changed - or not. Completely fascinating - and you may still be able to snap up a painting that appeals. Its on until the 17th October 2021 and this nice little booklet (£8) with lots of information on the places they visited, accompanies it.


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