September 2020

Lift your spirits this Autumn

Even without the bubbly this bright and colourful book will lift your spirits!


Rod Hague and his wife Chrissie celebrated

the launch of our book

Rod Hague Contrasts on

1 September 2020

with us at Millersford Press.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone who already has their copy! 'A rare artist' indeed...

August 2020

Our first artist monograph

is on Rod Hague

We are delighted to be highlighting the art of Rod Hague in our latest book, Contrasts.  Rod has been on our radar for some 20 years and has an enthusiastic following in the New Forest and Salisbury.  For 50 years he has been developing an array of artistic talents which have intrigued us. From his latest abstract oils, monotypes, and collage, full of fascinating texture and interest, to his well-observed watercolours of ancient buildings and Gypsy waggons.  

It is hardly surprising that everyone Rod approached for a few words for the book jumped to it immediately and with great understanding and affection. They include designer and animator Barry Matthews-Keel, studio potter Michael Emmett and artists Dr. Camilla Nock RWA and Fran Donovan.  

I thoroughly enjoyed researching and writing the text - it was a bigger project than we all thought - and thanks so much to Rod and Chrissie for making it possible.


Official publication date is 1 September 2020.  

Here's a link to get your copy

VE and VJ Day thoughts 

David Louis John Green low

We need to remember that VJ Day did not happen until 15 August 1945. There are very few left who fought   in India, Nagaland (Kohima/Imphal) and Burma during WW2 and it would have been easy to focus only on VE Day.

We were delighted to see the recognition finally given to those who served in the Burma Campaign.  

Our book The Road to Rangoon pays tribute to them all... and especially to Anthony Green's father David (above) .


Of course Burma Veteran Captain Sir Tom Moore, in his personal campaign for the NHS leading up to his 100th birthday, had succeeded in bringing these brave men to our notice almost single-handed.  What a wonderful gentleman - he has won our hearts... 

The other extraordinary Burma related event is the recent showings of the film Harry Birrell Presents which has also painted a portrait of the challenges and terrain the troops would have faced. .

November 2019

Remembrance Day thoughts 

Just a thought as we wear a poppy on Remembrance Day that there were many also lost in WW2's Burma Campaign. Called The Forgotten Army, many fought there through the jungles and mountains and returned with harrowing experiences of which they rarely spoke.  David Green was one of these, from the quiet village of Woodfalls on the edge of the New Forest, and our account in The Road to Rangoon pays tribute to his courage.

September and October 2019

Two new books

on sale now!

So excited about our new book In the Spirit of Godshill. It's the journal of the charismatic Master Potter Chris Charman from the Godshill Pottery.

The unforgettable story of his childhood, his bohemian and spiritualist parents, his Quaker upbringing and his own thoughts on rural New Forest life and farming. Its detail is fascinating, its thoughtfulness moving, and a real achievement we are so pleased to have been able to share with others.  All thanks to the fact that Chris's sister Danae brought me a pile of paper to sort out!  We had a wonderful evening at the book launch on Wednesday 2 October at the New Forest Heritage Centre. More details and photos see our events page.  Some of our press coverage is here and here.

In addition Anthony and I have put together a record of his father's WW2 service combined with our memories of the trip we made to India and Burma, following in his footsteps. Its called The Road to Rangoon and while obviously it was a a great experience for us it is tempered by the grim reality of the accounts of those in 'The Forgotten Army', the Golden Arrow 7th Indian Division, of which David was one.

June 2018

Exhibition displays

Sven Berlin's wartime work

The Otter Gallery (now sadly closed) at Chichester University included examples of Sven Berlin's wartime drawings before and after he enlisted, in their exhibition Conflicting Views: Pacifist Artists (25 June - 7 October 2018.  


An accompanying book of the same name by curator Gill Clarke, included illustrations of these works and a detailed explanation of Berlin's move from pacifism to active service in France, Belgium and Holland in World War II.  

The move from pacifism to active service in WWII resulted in Berlin's memoir of his experiences as a Forward Observer, I am Lazarus, published by Galley Press in 1961, a positive review of which appeared on the front page of the Times Literary Supplement with one of the 60 or so pen and ink/wash drawings (Spud Bashing) he produced at the time.

September 2016

St Ives Festival

Sonia Aarons gave a talk on The Real Sven Berlin at the Porthmeor Studios in St. Ives, Cornwall on 14 September 2016.  It coincided with Sven Berlin's 105th birthday. More information on this here 

December 2015

New home for Sven Berlin's White Buck carving

Now re-sited in Godshill in the New Forest, this 1958 carving of Berlin's was saved from demolition in 2015.  Read more...

The original site of Sven Berlin's White Buck carving completed in 1958.

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